What Is The Best Infrared Grill?

beefer and inferno infrared grills side by side

Infrared grills have become the hottest trend in grilling, thanks to their ability to lock in moisture and help the meat retain juices and flavor. The Original Beefer and the Northfire Inferno grill are a couple of the highest-rated infrared grills.

On the surface, these two grills appear to offer many of the same features. Both options can achieve temperatures of 1,500-degrees Fahrenheit using infrared heating.

The Beefer and the Northfire Inferno also have compact, tabletop designs for increased portability. You can easily take one of these infrared grills camping or tailgating.

So, which one is the best infrared grill?

In the following comparison, we’ll examine the key features that set these products apart, including the available accessories and overall ease of use.


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What is an Infrared Grill?

An infrared grill uses infrared energy to heat your food to perfection without drying it out. An electric or gas element heats the grill plate, which then radiates the infrared waves. The waves directly heat the food on the grill, instead of relying on hot air.

With a regular grill, the grill plate also radiates heat. However, most of the heat comes from the convection heating process. The gas flame or burning charcoal continuously circulates hot air in the grill, which also dries out the food.

As these grills don’t rely on convection heating, infrared grills help retain more moisture. This technology also allows infrared grills to achieve extremely hot temperatures very quickly.

A typical charcoal grill reaches between 500-degrees and 700-degrees Fahrenheit after you spend 10 to 20 minutes heating the coals. The Beefer and Inferno grills can reach 1,500-degrees Fahrenheit almost instantly. If you want to save time and moisture, take a closer look at these two popular grills.

inferno features

The Beefer vs Northfire Inferno

The Inferno and the Beefer come with many of the same features. Along with relying on infrared heating, both options provide:

  • Stainless steel bodies
  • Push-start electric ignitions
  • Propane connection
  • Drip tray
  • Removable grill racks

These grills are also close to the same size. The Beefer measures 9.1 x 15.7 x 18.6 inches while the Inferno measures 10 x 14 x 17 inches.

The cooking area is comparable as well. The Beefer comes with a 6.3 x 10.4-inch grill rack. The Inferno has a 6 x 11-inch rack.

Both grills use propane as a fuel source, making them suitable for camping and traveling. After connecting the propane tank, you simply press the electric push-start ignitor to instantly heat the grill.

A slide-out drip tray sits at the bottom of the grill, helping to collect any drippings.

The two grills resemble stainless steel boxes with an opening on one side for sliding in the grill grates and drip trays. Both products are manufactured in Germany using quality parts, ensuring many years of grilling.

beefer infrared grill

Pros and Cons of the Beefer Infrared Grill

While these grills contain many similarities, they have separate pros and cons. The Beefer infrared grill tends to cost more compared to the Inferno, but offers the following advantages:

  • Multiple grill grates and food tray
  • 10 height settings
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

The Beefer comes equipped with everything you need to start grilling except for a propane cylinder. You get a 40-inch gas hose, a glove, a handle, two food trays, and two grill racks.

The food trays increase the versatility of this powerful grill. Use the trays to cook sides while grilling meats.

The interior of the Beefer includes notches for inserting the trays and grill racks at various heights. The ceramic heating element is near the top, allowing you to use different heat zones based on the food.

The internal parts are removable. Cleaning this machine is quick and easy, especially when using one of the food trays to collect drippings.

The Beefer is an efficient infrared grill with a high-quality ceramic burner. It applies even heat distribution throughout each zone. The area near the top of the grill can reach 1,500-degrees Fahrenheit while the lower area reaches about 900-degrees.

The only drawbacks are the cost and the footprint. The bottom of this grill has a large base that extends along the front, increasing the space needed to set it up by a few inches. However, the base also helps protect the surface that you place it on.

inferno infrared grill

Pros and Cons of the Northfire Inferno

The main benefit of the Northfire Inferno infrared grill over the Beefer is the lower price. If you want to enjoy the advantages of infrared grilling without going broke, the Inferno may be the better option.

Unfortunately, it does not include a few of the features that come with the Beefer grill. You only get one grill rack and one food tray, instead of two of each.

The interior of the Inferno is also a little shorter. You have fewer heat zones to work with compared to the Beefer, which may require you to wait until the meat is done before steaming your side dish.

If the cooking area is too small to meet your grilling needs, Northfire and Beefer make additional versions of their popular infrared grills. The Inferno 2 has 9 x 13.5-inch grill racks while the Beefer XL has a 10.4 x 13.4-inch rack and an extra ceramic burner.

beefer features

Conclusion – Which is the Best Infrared Grill?

The Beefer and the Northfire Inferno are both great grills and closely matched in a side-by-side comparison. They both use infrared heating to cook meat without drying it out.

With either option, you are getting an infrared grill that achieves extremely hot temperatures in seconds. You can do almost anything, from grilled meats to pizza.

In the end, the Beefer stands out as the top choice for a portable infrared grill. It costs a little more compared to the Northfire Inferno. However, it offers multiple accessories and a simple design that allows you to easily clean the parts and adjust the height of the grill racks.

If you want a high-quality infrared grill that can cook perfect steaks, burgers, and seafood in just minutes, the Beefer has you covered.

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